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Name : Airplane Toys for Kids with Bump and Go Action | Battery Operated Airbus A380 Action Toy Plane with Flashing Lights, Real Jet Sound(Running with Light and music # Not Flying) (Multicolor)

Material : Plastic

Type : Handheld Games

Assembly Required : Yes

Battery Required : Yes

Recommended Age : 2-4 Years

Battery Available : No

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Light Sound Musical Bump and Go Airbus Helicopter Aeroplane air plane is a battery operated toy which gives the feel of a real-life machine. It has a white Body and shimmering lights. Its engine roars heavily when it turns on If something comes in its path, it senses it and turns around on its own because it has a wheel which is similar to omni- directional wheel. 2 In 1 transformer convertible robot airplane toy the airplane converts itself into a robot

Country of Origin : India

Airbus airlines

Airplane Toys for Kids with Bump and Go Action


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