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Goodsnet flashing lights car with functions: forward/ backward, stop : required aa batteries. Concept racing car with transparent design, and 360 degree rotation. Unique design – transparent design, one can see the gear inside, helps the kids to know mechanical concept. Gear driving effect- increases children’s observation ability. Rich color. Increase children’s cognitive ability. This car is built with high speed wheels and beautiful flashing led light. It has a sensor in the front which changes the course when it touches an obstacle and could not push it. The lights changes their color and the music was good and loud. You dont have to or can not move the vehicle manually. Just turn on the switch and see how beautiful it was going through all the floor. It wont go straight continuously. It is very brilliant and keeps changing direction and does some stunts too. Don’t miss this. This would be the best gift ever to give for little kids. They will enjoy watching the dancing car with all his delightful features. Great to give as a birthday gift, holiday or christmas. One area that parents often struggle with is helping kids play independently. This is crucial for self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. Having the opportunity to drive a vehicle is often enough to get kids to play on their own. This is a great way for kids to recognize their thoughts and emotions and to learn how to express themselves in appropriate ways. Toys provide a world of fun, freedom, choice, growth, and learning for children. Just watch the smile that breaks across every (yes, every) kid’s face as they discover that they are actually driving. These toys are wonderful, well-rounded educational tools for summer and beyond. Develops children gross and fine motor skills, helps develop their gross and fine motor skills. Encourages, physical activity and exercise. Fosters their sense of exploration. Fosters independent play. Enhances their, spatial intelligence, encourages group play, helps build confidence, sparks creativity. By operating the vehicle on various types of terrain, opening and closing doors or manipulating the dashboard, children will be using both fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
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