Goggles Silicone Cap 1 Nose Clip + 2 Ear Plugs PINK Swimming Kit


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WHAT YOU GET– 1 Swimming Goggles, Swim Cap, Nose Clip, 2 Pc of Ear Plugs. ? Ideal for School and Casual Swimming ? Please get in touch with the seller in case of any issues/ queries. Please see all the swimming products and other combo offer searching by “ MINISO “ on FLIPKART India. swim cap and goggles are designed for both indoor and outdoor swimming, protecting your eyes from chlorine without worrying about long hair. the swim cap is flexible so you can adjust it to a suitable size for perfect is made of high-quality silicone, which can be customized to fit your head and protect your long hair. swim goggle has a high-quality lens can protect your eyes from UV rays and anti-fog coating ensure they will not steam up for a super clean view even in the low light


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