Metal Rings for iPhone Camera Protection Lens Protector HD Tempered Anti-Scratch Full Coverage Rear High Definition Dust Proof Bubble-Free


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Metal Rings for iPhone Camera Protection , Camera Lens Screen Protector  HD Tempered Glass , Anti-Scratch , Full Coverage , Rear Camera Ring

  • 1. Scratch-resistant and shatterproof, providing daily protection against drops, scratches and wear and tear. Precisely cut out on the camera lens, for a perfect fit so that you can take photos and safely perform important tasks.
  • 2. Made of high-quality composite material, smooth hand feeling, not easy to fall off, can reduce dust, Highly impact, explosion-proof and more scratch-resistant.
  • 3. Made with a durable tempered glass to protect your smartphone from everyday scratches.
  • 4. Excellent quality protects your camera from scratches and restores the native resolution of your photos and videos.
  • Camera Metal Ring Protector is Compatible with iPhone
  • The strengthened tempered organic glass .With the highly impact and scratch resistant, effectively protect your lens from accidental scratches by keys, knife or any others hard objects.
  • Ultra-thin HD tempered glass, only 0.4 mm thick with a light transmittance of 99%. Anti-glare, anti-reflective exposure, high transparency to ensure original high resolution for pictures and videos. Hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat, oil residue and fingerprints, easy to keep clean.
  • This camera lens screen protector is cut completely to the right dimensions for the iPhone . It’s a round lens protector with aluminum frame. Full Coverage seamless fit to lens plus inner high-stick adhesive layer, isolated from water, dust and worry dust into damage lens or cover protector fall off. Looks just as without lens cover.
  •  The seal ring is designed to prevent dust and water. Secure protection resist shock, drop off or big impact towards your camera and keeps you peaceful.
  • The delicate and precise spiral pattern produces fascinating reflections and the unbeatable shine and bling of diamonds have a super glitter effect in any light, which protect your lens while making it a personalized decoration. Multicolor lens protector ring matches your style.
  • Hardness: 9H hardness level provides protection from accidental drop & scratches
  • SUPER DURABLE – Made of 9H hardness tempered glass, protect your camera lens from scratches, scrapes and impact from minor drop.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Bubble Free Adhesive makes it easy to install. You can remove and reapply the screen protector if there is any problem during installing. Also, our online installation video will show you how to correctly install your screen protector.

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  • 9 H Surface Hardness
  • High Quality Lens Protection Full coverage and perfect fit to the camera lens to protect the lens from scratches or damage.
  • Case Friendly Independent Designed Perfect Size Fit for almost all phone case!
  • Built-in Night Circle Design Built-in night circle prevent dazzling light at night. Will not affect taking picture and video. Never effect the photos quality even at night when you open the flash!
  • Protection :- This camera lens screen protector is cut completely to the right dimensions . It’s a round lens protector with aluminum frame. Full Coverage seamless fit to lenes plus inner high-stick adhesive layer, isolated from water,dust and worry dust into damage lenes or cover protector fall off. Looks just as without lens cover.
  • Case Friendly :- Independent Deisgned,Perfect Size,Fit for almost all phone case, Round curved edge make sure touch feel smooth and comfortable with case.
  • Easy installtion :- The Camera Lens Protector is easy to install as it adopts Nano Electrostatic Automatic Adsorption Technology which makes the lens protector not easy to fall off. Package Includes: 3 x Camera Ring Lens Protector, 1 x Dry Wipes for Cleaning
  • Build quality and Optical Transparency :- The camera lens has a hardness of 9H+ Pro Build quality which does not gets scratched easily even when used roughly. The Camera Lens Protector has a true tone clarity and preserves the original screen or picture brightness while taking photos and videos. It won’t affect the images or videos when using the camera flash as well.
  • [Anti-Scratch] – Chemically Strengthened Tempered Glass at the Molecular Level, Highly Impact and Scratch Resistant.
  • [Easy installation & Anti-Shedding] – Easy Installation, no Fingerprint, no Bubbles and Leaves no Residue When Removed. Nano-Electrostatic Automatic Adsorption Technology Not Easy to Fall off.
  • [High-Definition] – Ultra-thin HD Tempered Glass With a Light Transmittance of 99% Which Will not Affect the Flash, High Transparency to Ensure Original High Resolution For Pictures and Videos.
  • [Scratch Resistant + Highly Durable] – This Camera lens Protector can Effectively Protect Your iPhone Camera From Unwanted Scuffs and Scratches by Knife, Keys and some other hard Substances
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