Noise ColorFit Pro 3 smart watch


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    • 1.55’’ TruView<sup>TM</sup> Display1.55’’ TruViewTM Display
SpO<sub><strong>2</strong></sub> monitorSpO2 monitor
Stress monitorStress monitor
 NoiseFit AppNoiseFit App
14 sports modes14 sports modes
10-day battery10-day battery
24/7 heart rate monitor24/7 heart rate monitor
5ATM water resistance5ATM water resistance

    ColorFit Pro 3

    with TruView Display

    Take charge of your health

    With Blood Oxygen Monitor


    What is it? The integrated SpO2 sensor enables you to identify and track the fluctuating levels of oxygen in your blood. When your blood oxygen consistently dips below your daily average, it could be a sign of early virus symptoms.


    How does it work? The SpO2 sensor comprises of a single LED and dual photobodies embedded on the back of the watch. The infrared LED penetrates your skin, shining light on your blood vessels when you have it strapped on. The two photobodies then measure the quantity of the reflected light and calculate the total amount of blood oxygen in your body.


    Why do you need it? Measuring your blood oxygen regularly allows you to assess your overall health, so that you take early action if required. An indicator of your overall wellness, it helps you understand the amount of oxygen your body absorbs on a daily basis.

    It’s bigger and better

    It’s bigger and better

    Presenting an industry-leading TruView™ with a 1.5’’ TFT touch screen that displays visuals in vivid colours, so you never take your eyes off what matters.

    • 1.55’’ TFT display
    • 320*360 resolution
    • Touch screen
    Wear your style

    Wear your style

    Mix and match to change your look. Made from skin-friendly silicone, the strap is as easy on the eye as it is comfortable.

    Don a new look

    Don a new look

    Choose from the already-present watch faces or download a new face from the plethora of cloud-based options available.

    • Customisable and<br class="dw-mobile"> cloud-based watch facesCustomisable and cloud-based watch faces
    Be in the know<br class="dw-mobile"> of your health

    Be in the know of your health

    Track your own Oxygen level. Be aware of the changing levels of oxygen in your body and take steps to keep it balanced.

    • SpO<sub>2</sub> monitorSpO2 monitor
    Take a break & breathe

    Take a break & breathe

    It is important to keep your stress levels in check to avoid both physical and mental burnout. When you find yourself bogged down by the hustle, take a quick time out by triggering the integrated Breathe Mode. Indulge in some guided deep breathing exercises to unwind and re-energise.

    • Stress monitor
    • Breathe mode
    Feel your pulse

    Feel your pulse

    Track your heart rate 24/7, with the dedicated HR sensor. Know your daily maximum and minimum fluctuations and double down on positive lifestyle influences. Whenever your heart rate goes below or beyond your average limit, you will be alerted.

    • 24/7 heart rate monitor 24/7 heart rate monitor
    Have a good<br> night’s sleep

    Have a good
    night’s sleep

    A good sleep is the start of good health. The sleep monitor calculates your total sleep time while providing the number of hours you spend in light, deep and REM sleep. Track your sleep pattern overtime and stay away from triggers that may disrupt your sleep cycle.

    • Sleep trackingSleep tracking
    Push yourself further

    Push yourself further

    With auto sport recognition and the Smart Running Partner feature, ColorFit Pro 3 will ensure that your every move is tracked and counted. So, you can surpass your goals.

    • 14 dedicated sports modes14 dedicated sports modes

    Live a connected life

    ColorFit Pro 3 makes the right connections and keeps you in loop with every message, call and social media notifications when you don’t have your phone on you.
    • Call & message notificationCall & message notification
    • Smart notificationSmart notification
    Just dive in

    Just dive in

    With a 5ATM water resistance rating, ColorFit Pro 3 is not only splash proof but also dive proof. So simply dive in and let the watch track your workout.

    • 5ATM water-resistant
    Battery that doesn’t quit

    Battery that doesn’t quit

    Once charged, ColorFit Pro 3 works with you for 10 straight days without a break.
    • 10-day battery | 210mAh

    And a lot more

    • Weather forecast
    • Call rejection
    • Find my phone
    • Hand wash
    • Sedentary
      Wake gesture
    • Calender reminder
      Vibration alert
    • Remote musiccontrol
      Do not disturb mode
    • Sleep monitor
      Screen brightness


        • System Requirement

          iOS 9 & + or Android 4.4 & +

        • Bluetooth


      • DISPLAY

        • Display technology


        • Size


        • Resolution


        • Customisable watch faces


        • Cloud-based watch faces


      • SENSORS

        • Heart rate sensor


        • Accelerometer


        • Sp02 Sensor



        • Typical Usage Time

          10 days

        • Standby Time

          30 days

        • Capacity


        • Charging Time

          Up to 2 hours

        • Charging Cable



        • Watch Case Material


        • Weight

          35 grams

        • Dimension


        • Strap Size & Material

          22mm & Silicone

        • Water Resistance Rating



        • Heart Rate monitor

          Heart Rate monitor

        • SpO2


        • Stress monitor

          Stress monitor

        • Step Tracker

          Step Tracker

        • Calories Burned

          Calories Burned

        • Distance Travelled

          Distance Travelled

        • Activity History

          Activity History

        • Sleep Monitor

          Sleep Monitor

        • Breathe


        • Sports Modes

          Sports Modes

        • Female Health Tracking & Reminder

          Female Health Tracking & Reminder


        • Caller Name Information

          Caller Name Information

        • Call Rejection

          Call Rejection

        • Find my Phone Feature

          Find my Phone Feature

        • Hand Wash Reminder

          Hand Wash Reminder

        • Sedentary Reminder

          Sedentary Reminder

        • Hydration Reminder

          Hydration Reminder

        • Low Battery Reminder

          Low Battery Reminder

        • Remote Music Control

          Remote Music Control

        • Calendar Reminder

          Calendar Reminder

        • Weather Forecast

          Weather Forecast

        • Stopwatch


        • Google Fit

          Google Fit

        • Apple Health

          Apple Health

        • Timer


        • Alarm


        • Wake Gesture

          Wake Gesture

        • Vibration Alert

          Vibration Alert

        • Do not Disturb Mode

          Do not Disturb Mode

        • Screen Brightness

          Screen Brightness

        • OTA upgrade

          OTA upgrade


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