Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya Magic Diwali celebration lights Festival lighting decoration Deepavali Led 5 In 1


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Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya Diwali celebration lights lighting decoration Deepavali Led 5 In 1

Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya”. where ‘Panch’ means Five, the water sensor technology that combines the ambiance of five Diyas in one innovative product! An innovative decor for beautiful homes.

This unique product features five 5 warm yellow ambiance LED lights positioned in petal-like arrangement, each facing a different direction, creating a beautiful flower like design. At the center of the Diya, there’s a multi-color LED light embedded within the Diya, resembling the flower’s stem from where it blooms. When the Diya switch is turned on, the Multi-color light emits vibrant Red,Blue,Green, colors.
Being water sensored means they switch on when you put water in them allowing you to place them wherever you like in your home, garden terrace, Balcony, Mandir and you don’t have to worry about them being gettting off by wind, no worry of fire, absolutely safe to use anywhere.
The product comes in a strong and elegant cardboard box . The Lotus Diyas are powered by 3 AAA batteries of Best quality that ensure they last longer and therefore economical than traditional diyas. When the batteries dies after long usage you can easily replace them by opening battery cover.
The led used in the product are one of the brightest warm yellow LEDs in the market . The body is thick made from High Quality PP material. Brass metals are used for water contacts that don’t corrode even after long usage.

The Diyas are Lighted from LED and WATER that makes them pollution-free without having to worry about flame, absolutely no fire danger or burning risks, No hot lamp or oil to deal with, Safe for Families with Pets or Young Children simultaneously giving the look and feel of original clay diyas.
Energy-saving, smoke-free, flameless LED lights PERFECT DECOR: The Flameless Votive Tealights wind-proof for both indoors and outdoors use. Good for Diwali deepavali festival and other celebrations
WATER with light : Gives positive vibrancy and aesthetic appeal; Safe to Use for Kids and adults- Very safe to use and free from Oil. No risk of fire hazards etc. Kids & Adults can play safe during diwali.
Specific Uses For Product: At Home, Office,Festivals,Pooja ; Material Type: Plastic, Color: Brown
WIND PROOF – The do not switch off on any hard winds .. They are very stable and long light stand




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