Remote Control RC Stunt Car Vehicle 360 Rolling Radio tumbling drift Race 4WD 2.4GHz Double Sided Rotating Car high speed Light flips Boys Toys Kids


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  • ALL KINDS OF STUNTS: Amazing 360-degree front-wheel flip stunts, super power, this remote control car can easily complete 360-degree flip cool performances, such as flip forward, back, 90 degrees upright walking.
    SAFE AND DURABLE: The carโ€˜s body is made of high-quality ABS plastic, and the front and rear of the body have anti-collision bumpers to ensure strong anti-collision performance. It is not easy to break if it falls from high altitude.
    PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS: This remote control car not only can bring fun to children, but also can exercise childrenโ€™s attention and control ability, great gifts to children or RC lovers.
    HIGH MATERIAL & SPEED โ€“Made by high quality plastic and rubber, firm and durable car body with more crash worthiness. Whatโ€™s more, this RC vehicles is lightweight and proper size to store and carry with, your kids can play it anywhere and anytime they like.
    EASY CONTROL & SMALL SIZE โ€“Radio remote control system can rapid response by joy stick. Small size & Light weight RC racing car is easy to carry out, and a great Birthday, Christmas gifts for Children.
    Amazing 360 degree front wheel rotation designed, make it easily to flips and spin at any angles and perform all kinds of cool stunt action such as move forward, backward, front left reverse, right reverse, upright 90 degrees walking like Robert and more ways waiting for you to explore!!
    Cool light a Equipped with specific radio control and accurate signal receiver built-in inside, make it easier for the toddlers kids to control the stunt car in the long distance and available for them to play and learn by them selves music effect, and with pleasant music.
    Made of Hard ABS plastic, firm and durable car body to play with. Whatโ€™s more, this RC vehicles is lightweight and proper size to store and carry with, your kids can play it anywhere and anytime they like
    Comes with well packed package box and 4 colors options for you to choose, make it be the perfect gift to the childโ€™s without any annoying music
    Note you need to aware, all customers need to prepare 5 AA batteries by yourselves (3 for the vehicles and 2 for the remote)
    Learn By Fun In early age, kids are more creative and imaginative, toys like this will impart them better sense of direction, polishing your childโ€™s navigating skills, which will further widen their knowledge Ergonomic Construction This Remote Control car is thoughtfully constructed in compact size which makes it easier to carry and also contributes in its fast speed, which keeps your child invested in playing with this toy! Delightful Gift Option This product has an exquisite and realistic look which makes it a fabulous gift for your children on their special day or festival, bringing a beautiful smile on their face. SPN-FOR1 Know More About The Brand We aim to keep the young and curious mind engaged with fun-packed and learning toys. Our brand primarily focuses on creating vibrant toys that play vital role in developing interactive skills among the kids, while enhancing parent-child relation by spending quality time with the kids.

    Remote Control Rechargeable Stunt Car with 360 Degree flip Non breakable Plastic Material 360-degree front wheel rotation designed makes it easy to turn at any angle and perform all kinds of cool stunt action such as moving forward, backward, backward left front, right reverse, straight 90 degrees walking like Robert and more ways to wait for you to explore. 4 soft and flexible wheels, ensure high speed of operation and spin, children can play at home or anywhere.

    PRODUCT FEATURES:โ€”-All-round drift: With an innovative horizontal design, the remote-controlled drift car allows you to drift in all directions โ€“ head left/right, tail left/right, left/right front 45 degrees, left/right rear 45 degrees, and 360 degrees rotate the effect.โ€”โ€“At the same time, the remote control car can also do physical ups and downs.โ€”-This is a fun toy car for adults and children, and more games are waiting to be discovered All-terrain RC car this RC car can be used on roads, off-roads and any rugged roads.โ€”โ€“Whether it is land, beach, grassland, rugged stone mountain road, rock can easily break through without fear Double motor and anti-vibration motor: Double-drive dual-power motor to improve the climbing ability of the remote control car.โ€”โ€”Each wheel is equipped with a shock-resistant spring that supports accidental drops and unstable ground.โ€”-PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:โ€”โ€“Safe & durable premium high quality and durable nontoxic material, firm and durable car body.โ€”โ€“Safe for your kids to play, no more worrying about your naughty kids hurt by the toy car breaking.โ€”โ€“360 Degree rotation this control car can easily complete a cool show of 360-degree rotation stunts.โ€”โ€“Make it more interesting and awesome to play.โ€”โ€“Superpower, a flip is more powerful, more fun, and a great gift toy for boys girls indoor & outdoor use.


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