Rock climbing Monster Truck Remote Controlled metal Alloy Dirt Drift RC high speed stunt racing radio crawler eight 8 Wheels Scale 1:18 Off Road 2.4 Ghz CarOff Road Car


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  • Optimize drive suspension system with soft shock absorber and hollow rubber tires provides strong power and makes the car easy to go through rugged roads.
  • RC transmitter supporting wireless frequency , 1/18 Scale All-terrain vehicle, capable of driving on the rock, sand, mud, and rugged roads, etc. Ready to run anytime!
  • Anti-sliding Tires with strong and stable holds spike to run smoothly on wet, loop, unstable surfaces of the ground whether on soil, grasses and concretes.
  • With 3 independent strong powerful motors, its max speed is up to 20km/h, perfect for Outdoor, Off Road Racing!
  • Perfect gift for children and adults : The remote control car has features such as ease to use, safety and durability. It is suitable for children as well as adults to play together. Ideal for parents and children or friends to interact and exchange.
  • Remote comes with frequency of 27MHZ.
  • Product comes in random colors and will be dispatched as per the available colors.
  • ALL DIRECTION MOVEMENTS: The remote-control car is a full scale with the highest speed of more than 25 km / h, 4-channel remote control car can move forward / reverse, turn left, and turn right easily.
  • Powerful & Amazingly Fast: With 3 independent strong powerful motors, its max speed up to go 20km/h, perfect for Outdoor, Off Road Racing!
  • Off-Road Fun: RC Transmitter supporting about 100 meters, 1/18 Scale All-terrain vehicle, capable of driving on the rock, sand, mud, and rugged roads, etc. Ready to run anytime!
  • Ultimate Rock Crawler: Large torque servo can help the rally car show more on the ground. Anti-slide Tires with strong and stable holds spike to run smoothly on wet, loop, unstable surfaces of the ground whether on soil, grasses and concretes.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids or Adult: Strong and durable, perfect for specialized operation, like turn, drift, and flip, built for superior handling and control, a great gift for both children and adult, Product Required 3.6v Rechargeable Battery (Included) and remote required 2xAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Age: 6 years and above
  • Contents: 1 4WD High Speed Off-Road Monster Vehicle with Remote Control
  • Features: High Speed | Great Tyre Suspension | 4WD Racing Car
  • Material: Strong and Sturdy Plastic Body
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery with USB cable for the R/C Car (Included) | 3 AAA batteries for remote control (not included)
  • Box Dimensions (approx.): 34 cm (length) x 14 cm (width) x 17.5 cm (height)
  • Product Dimensions (approx.): The race car measures 25 cm (length) x 12.5 cm (width) x 12 cm (height)
  • 2.4 GHZ remote control rock crawler truck with 8 Wheel Drive, high power and superior suspension.
  • Amazing crawling technology and strong shocks makes it easy to use on rugged roads or off road and climbing over pebbles and large stones without effecting its performance.
  • Solid frame chassis, high strength composite plastic is impact resistant to help protect the crawler 8 wheel drive makes it possible to drive on any road condition without getting stuck on larger obstacles along the way.
  • Rechargeable batteries for the car and 2 aa batteries for the 24g transmitter, charger are included. Please Note, design and specifications may vary from illustrations
  • In Car front 2 wheels are for left right movement of car, Rear 4 wheels have traction power means rear 4WD and rear top 2 tyres is for support and for looking appearance top wheel not have an traction but it is rotate about axis.
  • Off-Road Easily: Oversized, soft tires can adapt to various road. 2 powerful motors and 4 wheel drive system provides high-power for blue sports cars. This super electric remote control cars run fast & can easily pass through sand, grass, roads and climb rocky
  • 4 Batteries & Screwdriver Included: 2*3.7V 500 mAh rechargeable batteries and 2 AA batteries for gravity cars zero, can be played about 15 minutes each rechargeable battery. screwdriver is used to open the battery case.
  • Control Friendly: The stunt car move fast no matter what state it is in. Never worry about rollover. For the convenience of operation, its remote control has been specially designed with only 2 joysticks.6 yr baby can easily play with bumper car
  • Fast and Powerful: Equipped with 2.4 Ghz transmitter and receiver, which has an effective control distance of 100ft. High speed motor make coupe run about 6-7 mph(10km/h)
  • Cool Gifts: To make the kids have a better experience, we put steel screwdrivers and more rechargeable batteries in the box. tank must be the most expected outdoor gift for children on birthdays and Christmas
  • Ideal for: race car fans, remote control car lovers, toys for kids, electronic toys
    • Working independent off-road suspension with high strength shocks and springs
    • 8 Wheel drive, capable of tackling various terrains and obstacles with ease
    • With radio control system for uninterrupted, interference-free driving, race multiple cars at the same time
    • Batteries and charger included
    • Made of non toxic and safe plastic material

    Type – Toy Truck
    Age- 4 Years+
    Scale – 1:18
    Product Dimension – L 26 x B 13.5 x H 13 cm
    Packing Dimension – L 34.5 x B 5 x H 16.5 cm
    Wheel Dimension – L 20 x B 20 cm
    Remote Dimension – L 19.5 x B 19 cm
    Battery Info – 1.5 V “AA” size (not included)
    No. of Wheels – 8
    Product Description:
    This off road remote control crawling truck is powered with efficient crawling technology. Equipped with four-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorbers which can move steadily and better protect the electronic components. Amazing off-road ability, four wheels drive helps to make the remote control vehicle easy to complete difficult moves. Remote controller helps support multiple cars playing without interfering, making it ready to run right out of the box. This toy car is designed with detailed interior, exterior, rims and tires with a stylish paint on the outside which gives it a fine finish. Independent suspension shockproof system four wheels independent suspension spring helps make the off road crawler more flexible and shockproof function could better protect the electric components inside the car body.
    Items included in the Package:
    1 Toy Truck
    1 Remote Controller
    1 Charger

1) 2.4 GHz remote control rock crawler truck with 4 wheel drive, high power, and superior suspension. Equipped with 2.4Ghz Radio Gun-Type Remote Control, which supports multiple cars racing at the same time without interference. 2) This remote control truck is designed with strong and durable materials and powerful enough to provide you with realistic racing and off-road gaming experience. The impact-resistant PVC body shell serves as good protection to the components inside well. More ruggedness and crashworthiness; Independent of the shock mitigation system effectively reduces the friction causing by the vibration and better protects the RC car. It can be used on any terrain, cold movements, and endless fun, it offers children a wonderful experience and visual effects. 3) Oversize rubber tires design giving the tires extreme flexibility. This rock crawler is a perfect toy to bring your kids to explore the field of automotive technology. 4) It’s so easy to control all the functions of forward/backward/turn left/turn right/climb/horizontal left drift/horizontal right drift. Give you a different cool dynamic experience, remote control operation car has never been more fun. Each wheel with a stable and shockproof spring that provides support for unexpected falls and the unstable surface of the ground, makes you enjoy the all-terrain vehicle for a longer period of time. The robust engine produces strong power, and 4 specially designed tires can handle extremely harsh environments. This monster truck ready to run and it is perfect for both racing and challenging rock dragging.

The Motion Climbing off Road Cross Country New Edition Remote Control Car is an amazing R/C car of 1:18 scale. This R/C racing car with a remote that has a transmitter antenna with forwarding, backward, left, and right turn features to race with amazing speed with 50-degree slope climbing, four-wheel drive, and climbing power. The Off-Road RC car uses 3.7 V Batteries included chargeable & the remote needs 2 AA batteries which are not included.


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