Rubik Cube Puzzle 5x5x5 ShengShou magic smooth fast speedy quick twisting toys for kids multicolor


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Puzzles offered are of Best Performance with Superior Quality. Comes with Good packaging and assured better service. Can be used by any Gender provides Hand & Eye Co-Ordination improving the skills like Time Management, Sensory Development, Problem Solving, Memory building etc. Engineered for Speed cube ensures safe and easy twisting / smooth rotation.

The ShengShou 5×5 cube is a perfect-size 5×5 that has exceptional inner and outer layer turning ability. Overall, the ShengShou 5×5 has a sturdy feel. Pops and lockups are rare.

5x5x5 Smooth Cube. This 5x5x5 smooth cube is a cuber’s delight that will make you feel the difference in smooth cubing. Equipped with adjustable tension settings, this cube has a very fast and crisp turning that helps in good cornering and gives it a good cutting speed. Durable Fabricated from high quality plastic this speed cube is very durable. Enhances the Cognitive Skills A smooth cube demands attentiveness and skill. This cube helps you in enhancing your skills at all levels. A Perfect Gift This speed cube is a perfect gift for both girls and boys.


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