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  • HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: With this delightful colours and attractive styling, this bicycle make a charming addition to any playroom. Kids will have hours of fun with this wonderful attractive toy.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Bicycle 03 is made of nontoxic ABS plastic, absolutely safe for kids. It will become a kid’s new best friend having loads of fun with!
  • ROTATE 360 DEGREES: Baby Smiles Bicycle can move 360 degree and the steering wheel automatically change the direction when meeting any obstacle. The rider in the bicycle also swings head and his joints are Movable.
  • COMES WITH LIGHTS AND MUSIC: An attractive 3D lights and music with a boy sitting on top of the bicycle will not let your child to be bore playing with this for hours
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR KIDS: This toy bicycle can be the Perfect gift for those who are Bicycle lovers. It’s an enjoyable toy with exciting actions which will surely capture their attention
  • Head swing
  • It will make auto turning when meeting any obstacle, driving free
  • Use 3 AA Batteries, Alkaline batteries recommended
  • Not for children under 3 years
  • AN ABSOLUTE KID MAGNET: Everything about this stunt biker is made to keep kids happy and entertained. The boy rider has a happy, bubbly expression with a wide excited smile, and even performs real stunts. If you are looking for a toy that is going to be an instant hit, this one fits the bill perfectly.
  • FUN AND REALISTIC ACTIONS: Unlike competing toys that are only motor-propelled from one place to another, ours has a life-like look that is simply irresistible for toddlers, boys, and girls. The head bobbles and legs pedal bringing this fun toy to life before your kid’s eyes. The screams and shouts of joy when they see this for the first time will be priceless.
  • DOES 360 DEGREE WHEELIES: More than just ride along, the boy on this toy trike does actual stunts too!! He stops, pulls up a wheelie, does a 360 degree turn, then continues on his way. This is the perfect toy for keeping your kids happy and engaged for hours on end.
  • LIGHTS AND SOUND FOR A GRANDER EFFECT: This toy bike also uses flashing lights and sounds to make it even more fun for kids. Playful musical sounds and flashing LED lights in the wheels and headlights make the stunts performed a true spectacle. They are especially breath-taking at night or in low light conditions.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION: If your kid’s birthday is coming up and you are looking for a toy that is going to truly make an impression, you cannot go wrong with this stunt tricycle toy. It is excellent for birthdays, Rakhi Gifts, Diwali or for any other special occasion.
  • Head swing It will make auto turning when meeting any obstacle, driving free
  • This Bicycle toy is made of ABS plastic material with high quality advanced designed, Stylish and shiny looks dashing which attracts kids.
  • Use 3 AA Batteries (Batteries not Included) Please do not use rechargeable batteries
  • wing Head during ride. Rider can be fixed & removed. 3D Lights in wheels as well
  • Perfect Birthday & Return Gift for Kids.
  • Stunt riders step on electric tricycle. Cute rider. Cool three electric tricycle
  • Built-in color LED lights and it will rotating with music to attract children’s attention, experience the passion of spinning back and forth at any time. Accompanying children to grow up
  • After launching, it will begin to feel the music, stimulate children’s interest and perception of music. After riding for a while the bottom of the tricycle will support the car to stand, and then rotate with the light music
  • Stunt tricycle electric car for game interacts.
  • Cute and charming riders ride in the cool three rounds, not only to bring visual experience to children, but also to cultivate interest, intellectual development. Stunt tricycle electric car for game interacts. After riding for a while, the bottom of the tricycle will support the car to stand, and then rotate with the light music.
  • Fully automatic experience, easy to carry and easy to control. Enables the STUNT TRICYCLE to change its direction automatically after bumping into an object or obstacle. This makes the STUNT TRICYCLE remain in constant motion without the need of a remote control.
  • This toy uses 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package. Make sure the batteries are in the right position and tighten the battery box cover. Buyer are also requested to Place the batteries with care, while opening the product and placing the batteries follow the instructions given carefully. Please remove batteries immediately in case batteries are leaking or gets wet.

A ONE OF A KIND TOY TRIKE FOR KIDS Are you looking for one of a kind unisex toy that your child will actually love to play with? If you are, this adorable tricycle stunt toy is something you are going to love. It does real stunts, has realistic actions, and has an excited look that kids will love. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get one today. This child toy is made from the high quality, eco-friendly, and BPA free material. It is therefore an absolutely safe toy for your child to play with. All edges are also rounded to eliminate any risk of injury when playing. Expand Their Imagination Kids use toys as a means to build their imagination, and reflect their adorable realities. To them, this bicycle boy could be their favourite sergeant from TV, their favourite cartoon character, or even their depiction of their cool parent on a bike. Either way, it’s a nice way to engage their imaginations. Ideal Gift for any Kid If you are looking for an ideal gift for kids aged 3 upwards, then this toy bicycle fits the bill just right. It is sized just perfectly, with a realistic shape and movable actions plus musical sounds and flashing lights. All of these premium features make this toy an immediate favourite for kids. This toy bike can be used on any flat hard surface like floor, tiles or wood. It uses 3 AA batteries to operate (not included). Here’s why you will love your purchase ? 100% child safe ? Tough and durable ? Made from high quality plastic ? Encourages imaginative child play Count on us to give you incredible child toys at pocket friendly prices. Add this bike to your Cart now and get excellent value for your money!


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