toreto TOR 351 glider 200W bluetooth Tower Speaker


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The glider tower speaker has a fantastic stereo surround sound and heavy bass. It comes with dual subwoofers and four satellite speakers, which will surely give your party a super boost. The speaker has a powerful output of 200W.
You can also give a pump to your favourite music with the Glider tower speaker. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the bass and treble.
You can play your favourite tracks on the Glider tower speaker through multiple playback options like Bluetooth, Aux-in cable, and a USB cable.
Glider tower speaker is compatible with smart devices like PC, LCD TV, DVD, iPad, iPod, mobile phones and MP3 player.
Other notable features of the Glider tower speaker include FM radio, recording function and LED display. The speaker also comes with a 1-year warranty.


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