4 Toyz Unbreakable Pull Back Vehicles Push and Go Crawling Toy Car


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  • Kids get attract to bright color and funny shapes and this has both, these pull-push cars are inspired from real life vehicles and can play role in imaginative play. Also attractive shape and pull-push function of this car can engage your child playing for long hours. Crawling feature of this toy will encourage babies to move which helps in their growth.
  • kids have to run behind it, it acts as a physical activity. Small babies who can’t walk properly also gets excited and happy with such toys, just pull it back and leave and babies will run behind these and try to catch it.
  • These toys have movable parts which attracts kids and makes them curious on how it works. These don’t work on battery hence easy to operate.
  • These are not big in size hence can be carried easily to anywhere especially while travelling take one or two toys are kids will be busy for hours. Material used is of good quality which makes them safe and durable and don’t have any sharp edges.
  • This crawling toy will encourage baby’s movement and growth.


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