Twin Shot Manual Soft Guns with 6 Foam Bullets Set of Two Compact Light Toys Safe Design for Shooting Imaginary Targets


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About this item
  • The design is light and compact easy to operate and handle.
  • The guns come in a fascinating color in blue and white and design that attracts the attention of kids.
  • It is great for role play and shooting imaginary targets. Foam bullets and smooth structure of the gun are safe to play with.
  • All children above the age of 8 years can use this gun.
  • The bullets have a range of 45ft.
  • Toys & Games
  • Blaster Gun Toy has a target shooting game with fun gun hitting as well as bowling pins. Kids will practice the target and can have fun in the park.
  • EASY FOR KIDS: This gun is easy to operate – load soft balls from the front muzzle, pull the lever on the back, trigger and fire. The magazine can load up to 3 foam balls at a time to make the action more realistic.
  • Pull Back: Featuring a pull-back trigger firing action and quick chamber switching function, this gun is great for head to head or for playing in teams. Quick to load bullet chamber and shoot at the same time
  • FUN & PLAY: Its super exciting and super cool shooting fun for the whole family, cozy indoors!! Ideal for kids 8+ years old. , This classic toy gun is made of superior plastic and comes with a foam bullet. These pills are not harmful and completely safe for your kids.

Spark-up some excitement in your children’s play toy collection with the Wishkey Blaze Storm Gun. This child’s play toy can give your kid a fun-filled and active play time of Gun Battle. It features an intriguing shade of color and design along with bullet to load and fire.Kids will love to fire bullets and hit an imaginary target or make a target board and sharpen the shooting skills. Enhance your skill and win the dominating advantage over your opponent in the fighting game by quick shooting. Every time trigger it and go towards victory.When speed and mobility are essential, this is the ultimate blaster.


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