Universal battery charger adaptor adapter for direct mobile phone batteries charging daddu makdi multi charge


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  • This is a universal model charger
  • It is compatible with all batteries
  • Multi Battery Charger
  • LED indicators: Polarity confirmation, Charging indicator, Battery full indicator
  • Universal Battery Charger
  • Multiphone Battery Charger
  • Automatically detects positive/negative polarity contacts for safe,simple operation.Spring-hinge clip holds battery in place while it is being charged
  • Input power: 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Compatible with batteries of cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and digital camcorders with an output of less than 4.3V or less under 2,000 mAh capacity Input power: 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz Universal Magic Direct Battery Charger For All Smartphones (Multicolour)
  • There is inserting recognized circuit with intelligence it can transmit output automatically in order to keep battery in negative or positive. It display colorful flash when it is charging. Available for li-ion headphone battery under 2000 mah capacity. Insert function power supply, av apply for 110-220 V. Micro-computer can control charging processing with fast charging and high efficiency. When the battery is full charge will stop inputting automatically, so its safe. Charger for most 3.6 V/ 3.7 V mobile phone battery.



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