Wonder Sand 500 Grams for Kids – Smooth Non-Sticky Blue Sand colour will be sand as per availability


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About this item

  • SMOOTH AND NON-STICKY SAND: The sand included in this set is smooth and non-sticky, making it easy for kids to shape and mold into various designs.
  • BLUE COLOR: The sand is a beautiful blue color, adding a fun and vibrant element to your child’s playtime.
  • BIG MOULD: The set comes with a big mould that allows kids to create larger and more intricate designs with ease.
  • 500 GRAMS OF SAND: With 500 grams of sand included in the set, there’s plenty to go around for multiple kids to play and create together.
  • RELAXING AND MESMERIZING: Playing with the sand provides a relaxing and mesmerizing experience, making it a great stress-reliever for both kids and adults.
  • INDOOR BEACH FUN: The set is a great way to bring the beach indoors and provide a fun and creative outlet for your child’s imagination.
  • MADE IN INDIA: The product is made in India and is of high quality, ensuring that your child will have a fun and safe playtime experience.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: The sand is suitable for kids of all ages, making it a great gift or activity for the whole family to enjoy together.


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