WS 858 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone for Kids with Led Light Player Speaker 2-in1 Recording + USB+FM


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Pick Ur Needs Karaoke Duplex Bluetooth Mic Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Connection Player Speaker 2-in-1 with Recording + USB + FM Having a party, function, or meeting and need a voice to reach them. Get our Bluetooth mic/mike. A handheld condenser microphone with a portable mini home player; ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record your voice anywhere, such as in-car traveling, bbq, family dinner, and outdoor party so on; fit for singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc. Can be also used as a portable Bluetooth speaker. When the computer turned on, the USB interface to connect to a computer will be able to charge for the microphone until the red battery indicator light turns off by the state, charging the end. The microphone is a great size and fits in hand well. The sound is nice, clean, you can use it for pretty much for singing, talking, and even playing music through it. It is ditch bulky equipment and gets the karaoke machine microphone of the future, made with aluminum alloy, it’s sleek, durable and undeniably stylish microphone system. Each order also includes USB and audio cables for added value and all-in-one convenience. It is suitable for picnic trips, parties, family entertainment, singing karaoke. Compatible with Most mobile phones, tablets, and IOS. FEATURES: Portable and durable, lightweight, easy to carry. Easy to get going with Bluetooth or 3.5-millimeter male plug A multipurpose microphone: singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc No need to aim at microphone, it can capture your voice with pickup hole This magic microphone also could use as a Bluetooth speaker, a recorder and a portable battery Package content:Wireless microphone karaoke, micro USB cable, user manual.


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